Starting Over Again

I have decided to begin blogging again. However, it won’t be the same way as I blogged before, treating my blog as a diary and dumpsite for my cluttered thoughts. This time, I plan to be more focused.

Maybe because I see the potential of blogs this time than when its idea was just being introduced to people. I have read of people become rich enough through blogging that they can quit their job. I have seen people become famous like celebrities, attending functions and stuff, because of blogging. But the best of it is learning of blogs that helped changed other people’s lives, not just the blogger’s own.

I hope to achieve at least one of these things and more. Frankly, and for my own selfish reasons as I did years ago when I began blogging, I hope that blogging again will lessen the stress that I have and help rekindle my creativity, which I think I had so much of when I was younger.

But like I said, this time, I will be more focused. I will refrain from dumping whatever comes to mind. If need be, my not-so-important thoughts will be placed in a different blog, an old blog.

For now, I am studying how I should go about my new blog–what my style with be, the design, my tone, the length my entries, the categories I will be working on, etc. In fact, I have been “researching” to know what I can about blogging. I am actually relearning what I learned before and adding a few more along the way. It has been a week now. I haven’t decided, yet. So again, for now, I will be putting my thoughts on this new blog here.

My greatest hurdle, if I have already narrowed down my categories, would be to draft and publish my first entry. How should it be like? Under what category should it be? Or should I just start with hello? We will see… soon, I hope. From there, it will just be a matter of finding inspiration on the things I hope to share.


I must say...

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