The Gamer

I love reading mangas. Who doesn’t? As much as I love animes when I was young, I have found a new love for mangas as well. Similar to loving a movie but loving the book more because the latter has more depth and allows you to imagine.

For those who do not know, manga is the Japanese word for comics. In Korea, they call it manhwa. You read mangas from right to left while manhwas from left to right.

There are many websites that provide manga translation–scanlation is the more appropriate term though since the providers scan raw mangas and then edit the scans in order to translate them. My go to site would be mangafox because it was the first manga website I found and because I am familiar with it now. As to the variety and number of mangas it provides, I am in no position to comment on.

I have several mangas that I am monitoring. But recently, they have either slowed down their pace or completed the series so that I have no new issue to read. Sometimes, I get tired of the manga and so stop reading it altogether.

So the other night, with no new issues released of the mangas I follow, i decided to look for a new one to follow. I browsed at the Most Popular list. I checked out The Gamer and was instantly hooked. The gist is this: what would you do if you are a gamer, or have the qualities and abilities of a RPG character, in real life? The main character in this series is just that. He has the ability to see the levels of other people and depending on what he does, he earns experience points, skills, and then levels up. The series is new and has about at least 20 chapters. If not of the lateness of the hour, I would not have just stopped at chapter 6. Still, given the fact that I only intended to read one chapter and yet I reached chapter 6, it already says a lot.

So far, the turn out of the chapters is regular and quick, about one per week. I hope the providers do not get tired. The story is interesting enough and comedic in some respects. Do I recommend reading it after having read 6 chapters? Yes!

Let me know what you think about The Gamer. Do you have other mangas you would like to share? What are they?


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