7 Day Challenge: Pixy’s Haruka Lipstick


Last week and a half, I received by BDJ Box which contained full size Pixy makeup products. All pink by the way (happy!).

As I mentioned in my previous post, among the lipstick products in my BDJ Box, I would most like use the semi-matte lipstick. I did and have been using it for more than a week now and am loving it. Here’s a quick look on the product:

Quick Facts

Quick Facts: Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick (Semi Matte) or “Pixy’s Haruka Lipstick” for short

7 Day Challenge

1st Day

At first, I didn’t like the feel of the product and thought that it looked ridiculous on me. I’m not used to lipsticks that have any shine in them, especially if they are a bit bright. With shades such as this one–Haruka–I would have bought a matte one. But my office mates told me that it looked good on me. This is saying something because I don’t normally get any comments or compliments about my makeup. So I told myself to persevere.

3 Days Later

I got used to applying the color. I guess it’s an acquired feeling, not love at first application. I still didn’t know how to make it work. It’s a hit or miss but given the right makeup combination (not that I’m an expert in this), the lipstick highlighted the blush on my cheeks and gave me a “fresh look” as my office mates described it.

7 Days Later

Great! This is the first bright lipstick that I ever liked and lasted on wearing for more than a week. I normally go with neutral colors as it’s what’s acceptable in the office. You can never go wrong with “barely there” makeup. But a splash of color and freshness considering it’s summer wouldn’t hurt.

7 Day Challenge

7 Day Challenge: Selfie Supreme



The shade actually complements any blush on I applied. Sometimes, even without applying any blush on, it highlights the cheeks.

It allows for smooth application so it can be used even without a lipstick brush (ok for those who’re on the go).

The price is right. In my novice opinion, this is already a good deal for a lipstick. I’ve never found myself sticking to a lipstick for more than 7 days (despite the 7 Day Challenge, that is). More so, I’ve never found myself looking forward to re-applying the lipstick. Usually, I just go for tinted lip balms to moisturize my lips.

It has a wonderful scent! Compared to lipsticks that just feel like wax, this one has a very unique scent.


Although I said that it allows for smooth application, if you fail to exfoliate your lips, it will highlight the cracks and dry patches on your lips even with a coating of lip balm.

KIKAY DISCOVERY: Instead of using a regular lip balm, I suggest coating the lips with a tinted lip balm. With a tinted lip balm, the gaps lefts by the lipstick, if any, become invisible. It may take a while to find the right tinted lip balm but the one I’m using with Pixy’s Haruka lipstick is Human Nature’s tinted lip balm in Island Kiss. Further, using the Pixy lipstick with a tinted lip balm allows the pigmentation to fade but leave the lips with a natural look. This is in contrast to using the product after a coating of clear lip balm, which, once the color fades, results to dull looking and pale lips. If you look at the pictures, I started using the tinted lip balm around Day 4. That’s why it doesn’t look as bright.

Overall: 7/10

In all, Pixy’s Haruka lipstick is not that bad. In fact, I like it! But it takes getting used to as I said. The way it highlights cracks on the lips is a bummer as well as not everyone has the perfect smooth lips or the luxury of time to always exfoliate their lips. Yet, it is still worth buying, if only to try it out.


Give me a holler! Have you tried Pixy’s Silky Fit Lipstick (Haruka)? What do you think? At the price of Php265 (about 5-6 USD), would you buy a different lipstick product?


Unique 30 Day Challenge!

Stumbled upon this post and I would probably try to do this either simultaneously with Blogging 101 or after Blogging 101 is over since it also takes 30 days.

I Love Gypsy Life

Maggie and I put together another 30 day challenge! We’re starting it on March 1st (tomorrow). Feel free to blog along with us! It’s going to be a fun month. 

1. Document everything you eat for a whole day.

2. Describe your ideal future. What’s your family like? Are you married with kids? Working at your dream job? Hobbies? Travel? Let your imagination run wild.

3. Post a picture of you during an awkward phase and a picture of you now (like a before and after).

4. Try something new today; blog about it.

5. How do you feel about fate, coincidence, and “the power of the universe?”

6. What’s your favorite unbelievable but true story to tell?

7. Find a dream wedding dress online.

8.What makes you sad?

9. Destiel: Talk about it.

10. It happens to the best of us: you meet someone, they tell you their name…

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Blogging Woes: That darn Blog Name and Tagline

It’s a little sad that I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a beautiful blog name and a tagline for several weeks now. It’s so hard! Despite having joined Blogging 101 c/o The Daily Post (insert link), which I very much appreciate, I’m still stuck! 0_o

It all started when–

–I told a friend, who loves watches and is a self-declared foodie, that he can start a blog with those two interests in mind. So I thought and suggested this, much to his entertainment. I also gave him a crazy-catchy title but I’ll refrain from sharing it because someone might grab it and prevent my friend from registering his blog, if ever if would want to.

Then I also thought for a blogger friend who we call “Sof”, whose blog is called Sofielicious, that instead of the browser showing “sofielicious.com”, she could tie it with a cool domain name to show as “so.ph”. The “.ph” is also apt considering she is Filipina.

But then–

–for me, I thought it was best to use the username I’ve always used: “kcreol”. But then it doesn’t stand for anything. So I thought to give each letter meaning but therein lies the problem. It was hard. I began brainstorming to find suitable and catchy words/phrases to make up the letters. I thought that these would showcase the things I like and find interesting. But of course, with limited to countless interests, how do I put everything in li’l ol’ k-c-r-e-o-l?

If you have visited my blog before the time stamp of this entry (because I don’t know when and if I would change the meaning of the letters again) and have read the Read Me First (because I don’t know when I will have finalized my blog and finally be able to erase the page) you would know how lost I am and how I am trying to go about this.

If you’ve visited Why kcreol?, you would know the beginning of kcreol that is me.

Basically, k.c.r.e.o.l. stands for KikayChallengeReflectionsEudemoniaOn the Road, and Literary. You can find a more detailed explanation, you can find it here.

So like I said,

“I’m stuck.”

I had thought that making kcreol an acronym was a great idea. And I’ve thought about it so much that I can’t think of anything else.

Right now, I’m thinking of changing the “L” because I’ve recently thought of an entry which would go well with a category that starts with “L”. I just spilled coffee on myself the other day. This was the 2nd time that this happened with the same brand of coffee! I just thought of an entry with the title: “Lessons Learned” or “Life Lessons”. It was catchy and it’s not too boring as “Reflections”. So I thought that I would switch it up. After all, I was thinking that for books, I can always use “Reads”, which I think is also alright, if not catchy, and less boring as “Literature”.

I’m rambling… can you tell?

However, though I say it’s hard and though I say I’m stuck, I never said I will give up. That’s the thing. When you discover something you love or even just like, you don’t simply let go. You hang on until your hands develop the ugly blisters that they to so that hanging on won’t feel like it’s a life or death situation. Eventually, you get yourself up there and in that moment, you’ll see the vast view that has been waiting there for you.

In the end,

I will stick and allow myself to be stuck, for now, with kcreol because I still think that it’s me and it speaks to me and of me. I’ll just have to roll out those entries so that my blog could also speak to you and the rest of the world. I don’t think that just a few blog posts can give character to my blog or what it represents. I do think that it should take at least 50 or 30 posts, to be conservative (that’s another 30 by 30 challenge!), in order to show my blog’s real character.

So if you will please indulge me, let me be scattered for now. Allow me to run all over the place. Eventually I will find that niche, a home for my blog that I can say will be quite comfortable. And in that, I will eventually grow.

For now, please be patient with me. I have only 18 published posts and less than 10 drafts in the wings. Without being too mathematical, considering a publish frequency of one post a week, it will take me around 32 weeks or about 8 months to get to that 50. Or at least 12 weeks or 3 months to reach 30. That’s a big IF on the frequency side of things but I’m still positive I will get there–one blog entry at a time.

So tell me, what are your blogging woes? How do go about overcoming this obstacle? If not about blogging but writing in general, what do you do when you get that writer’s block? Share your thoughts.