I Dance

Dance is a conversation between the body and the soul.


Says the Daily Post: “Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?”

Honestly, it was the word “dance” in the question that got me into reading the post itself and which got me to writing this post myself.

I have always been vocal in my love for dance. It’s at times when I hear music that makes my imagination go wild with choreography and dance moves that alert me to how elated my feelings are. Nothing could compare to the satisfaction and joy I feel whenever I dance. It’s my form of meditation.

I find that in dance, people tend to be happier. When I see others dance, I only see the dancer and find beauty in the dance and this gives me joy. In other art forms, I think other emotions are at work.

When someone sings, I do not see the singer but hear the music and lyrics. Depending on the music and lyrics, one can be happy, sad, or angry. In writing such as poetry, as well as in sculpting and painting, the products are always subject to interpretation. It depends on the present situation of the observer whether he or she would feel happy, sad, angry, or even confused with the poem being read, or the sculpture or painting being observed. And for debate, I can only find that people who debate elicit turmoil or irritation from the observers and even from the other debater. I find that in debate, one always has to win. In the end, only one person wins.

So for me, dance is my favorite way to express myself creatively. I can only lean on to what I love to do and on what is positive. Of course, others may disagree but that is subject to debate. v(^_^)v

What about you? What’s your favorite way to express yourself creatively?


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