A Little Lot About Me

I have a long standing relationship with the cursor.

My college friends and a few of my other friends know that I blogged when I was in college, tried to continue while I was in law school, and kept on trying now that I’m a lawyer. Sadly, it’s because of the hectic schedule and the training a law student gets that sort of killed my momentum for writing. Why? Because in law school and as a lawyer, you get rid of all the descriptions and strip everything down to facts, issues, the law, the ratio, and the decision. Anything beyond these is fodder and must be deleted. 

The thing is, these adjectives, adverbs, and extras add color to the writing and engages the readers. That’s what I like. Heck, that’s how my favorite authors write, even those that write non-fiction books. Their works are not bland and colorless but are rich with texture and emotion that invites all types of readers. That’s what I wish to be like again. At least, as a blogger not as a lawyer.


Sh*t! That’s the ultimate question isn’t it? Most of us describe ourselves, analyze ourselves so much and yet still fail to know who we truly are. It would’ve been easy if it’s just like Jackie Chan’s movie “Who Am I?” where he just forgot who he was and he tried to find that out throughout the whole film. 

Anyway, I’ll try to answer this the best way I could without needing to disclose too much information for my comfort and without becoming too philosophical for yours.

Laywer by profession, Dreamer at heart

I’m Kaye, short for Katrina. Others call me Kat or Atty. Kat for some of my colleagues. I’m a lawyer by profession and work as a legislative officer for a senator. I’m Filipino, by the way. If I weren’t a lawyer, I’d be a dancer. That’s my natural answer but I’m not a trained dancer or a very good one. At heart, I’m more of an artist. I’m a dreamer and a believer of the supernatural. I’m not part of a cult mind you, however you may define the term. But I do think that there is so much more in our world that we have yet to discover.


I also love books, mostly novels, and am a fan of Christopher Pike, Madeline L’engle, L.J. Smith, and Elizabeth Haydon. I say “fan” because when I comb bookstores, I try to get as much of their novels as I can (within budget). I also like Neil Gaiman, John Grisham, Dan Brown, and J.K. Rowling (yes, I’ve read all 7 Harry Potter books and watched all its movies). Right now, I’ve started reading Thirst: The Sacred Veil, the 5th installment of the Thirst series.

I also read non-fiction books but these are mostly the self-help type because you can never get enough help these days. I’m a fan of M. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled. This is all thanks to my college professor in Theology who required us to read the book’s chapter on Love. I was so enlightened by this chapter that I just had to run to the nearest bookstore and buy a copy of the book and read the whole thing. Then I bought his other books, whenever I can. I wish I can meet him and pick his brain one of these days.

I also have books of Malcolm Gladwell, thanks to my lawyer aunt who told be that Blink was a good read. Gladwell’s style of writing was so refreshing from other non-fiction books I’ve tried to read that several chapters of reading the book was not enough. As with Peck, I just had to run to the nearest bookstore and buy a copy. Then I bought his other books, whenever I can. I’ve yet to read his Tipping Point, but I have it on my bookshelf already, ready to be perused.

Walker, Yogini, Zumba Girl, Pole Dancer-ish

Something more personal about myself is I am overweight and since my law school days, I’ve tried to get back to my figure when I was in college. “Fat chance!” was what my aunt told me. Ouch!

As some may know, a law student’s and a lawyer’s life are sedentary by nature. 90% of the time we sit in our desks and read up on our case assignments, case law, and do our briefs (for lawyers). The other 10%, well, that’s for reciting a case before a professors (for law students) or arguing a case before a judge (for lawyers). So I packed on the pounds.

But I’m not here to depress everyone about my weight but to talk about the activities that I’ve tried to take it off (emphasis on “tried”). One would be walking, the usual grind. Why walk if I could just jog or run? That’s just it. I have a hard time running or jogging. Let’s just say it will be hard on my knees, among other things. We have a treadmill in our house and I spend at least 30 minutes on it whenever I can.

I also practice yoga, but in a class. I find that our house is not conducive for silent practice because people just come in and out of my room or knock on the door. Plus the place is cramped. So I join classes, which is good because I can focus on my form and the teachers provide guidance and variation on our movements, which I can’t get from instructional videos.

As I love dancing, it’s obvious that I will also love Zumba. I’ve tried a free promotional class before and fell in love with it. It’s not too aerobic, which for me leans towards too much repetition. It’s more dance-y and allows me to focus on the beat of the music. Plus, it’s high energy and with dance-mates perspiring and smiling beside me, it’s hard not to enjoy it.

Lastly, I’ve tried pole dancing. Well, it’s more of a pole fitness class than dance class. But’s I’ve joined a summer workshop once and it was quite enjoyable and uplifting. Nevermind the bouncing belly. I was concentrating more on trying to lift myself and not letting myself fall to care about my belly. Plus, the fatter I am, the more skin I can press on the pole and the better my grip would be. Of course, getting fat is not the goal here though. It’s certainly not mine. 

I’ve also tried and am willing to try other fun activities like wall climbing, pingpong, etc. But these will require further research on my part as to places where I can do them. Any fun suggestions?


No… I don’t think I’m lost, geographically speaking. I’m not a nomad as well. But I do love to travel (given the right companion and if I have sufficient funds). I want to explore and try out new things. I haven’t tried camping (I know, I just lost half of my life not having experienced that). I think I’ll enjoy spending time with nature, without the hustle and bustle of the busy world. I’d love to take it all in and be closer with that one Being who’s able to create such wonderful things. And I would like to have others discover that as well.


I LOVE pink. Pink, pink, pink! Does that make me girly? Or childish? I don’t care. (Hello legally blonde).

I also love things cute and fluffy. I love kittens and like Hello Kitty. I like collecting accessories and cute items though I don’t get to use or wear them much. I like dresses and puff sleeves. And I love makeup! Especially makeup that has anything to do with the eyes and lips because these are the two things that make me pretty. But I am no makeup expert or skincare expert, let’s put that out of the way in case someone might be misled. What I can share, however, will be my own opinion and experience as I try out makeup and skincare products on myself. It’ll be in the hope of helping out my fellow ladies who have sensitive and semi-oily skin that’s prone to acne.

I will blog about the products that I use, used, and swear by. I will also talk about the ingredients in makeup and skincare products that may cause breakouts and other harm. Eventually, I will share about my love about all things natural and a brand that has worked well for me. I hope you get to read it.


Finally, I’m business minded. That being said, I believe being business minded and being able to put my business-y plans into action are two very different things. I did have a degree in management but implementation-wise, I’d say I’m on the beginner level. I do have great thoughts! But as a blogger-entrepreneur had said during a blog event I attended, funds are needed, a plan is needed, a team is needed–and ideas cannot just cut it.

Buuuuuut…. I still dream of owning and running that second hand bookstore, and that coffee shop, and that dance studio, and that bar, and so on and so forth. If you hadn’t notice, I already said I’m a dreamer. Still, I’m close to waking up and making these dreams come true. I just need the FUNDS! Haha! Money where are you? (I’m going crazy.)

Moving on…


Hmm… That’s a tough one. 

I guess I would say that the initial push came from meeting my 2 office mates who are also bloggers and who are both profiting from their blogs.

Yeah… It’s all about the money (it’s all about the dum-dum-dararum-dum–did you sing? ^_^).

Money would be reason enough for anyone to start anything. But I know it takes a while and it takes hard work to create content (“ridiculously good content” as one blogger once said), publicize, and create a following. After researching quite a bit and discovering how blogging has evolved since the time I merely used it as an online diary and of how complicated it all seems now when before, it was easy for me to understand(we have social media now!), it’s so much easy to just give up.

But then I attended a forum for bloggers and the information and encouragement I got just by being there renewed my drive to blog. It’s not all about the money now. It’s about other things. And as I answered the question in this Blogging 101 c/o the Daily Post on what I expect and hope to achieve in joining, it would be to know myself, understand the things that interest me and drive me enough to sit down, reflect, and share to the world what it is. 

It’s to find my passion.

In the blogging forum I attended, one of the speakers said that before you blog, you must first find your passion and write about it. I think for me, for someone who still doesn’t know what her passion is, I must first blog and in whatever content I’ll be able to create, eventually, therein will reflect my passion. This will be more for me than for others. Selfish, I know, but not entirely unreasonable. I’m sure some bloggers are just the same.

Granted, I will not make this another online journal. I won’t rant or share any negativity, if any. If must be, I will share my opinion and thoughts on some matters but it will not be petty, biased, or unfounded. I will give my reasons for thinking one way and not the other. I can’t say I’ll be fair because I may not always know the other side of the story. But I will not be close minded, either. Comments will be welcome when applicable and a continuing discussion and exchange of opinions will be much appreciated.

So to sum up my answer:

I’m here because I want to find myself, my true self, and share that journey to everyone who cares.

Of course, that kind of answer will be too generic and obscure for some. So to put things into perspective, considering that I’ve shared with you who I am or who I think I am, the following are my topic goals for this blog:

  1. Makeup and skincare
  2. Travel
  3. Yoga and dance
  4. Book review
  5. Business (maybe)
  6. Law (maybe)

I wish not to disappoint. Let’s have this journey together and as I find my self, I hope you find yours, too.

Do you feel like getting to know me? Hi! Tell me something about yourself. I’d like to know.


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