Unique 30 Day Challenge!

Stumbled upon this post and I would probably try to do this either simultaneously with Blogging 101 or after Blogging 101 is over since it also takes 30 days.

I Love Gypsy Life

Maggie and I put together another 30 day challenge! We’re starting it on March 1st (tomorrow). Feel free to blog along with us! It’s going to be a fun month. 

1. Document everything you eat for a whole day.

2. Describe your ideal future. What’s your family like? Are you married with kids? Working at your dream job? Hobbies? Travel? Let your imagination run wild.

3. Post a picture of you during an awkward phase and a picture of you now (like a before and after).

4. Try something new today; blog about it.

5. How do you feel about fate, coincidence, and “the power of the universe?”

6. What’s your favorite unbelievable but true story to tell?

7. Find a dream wedding dress online.

8.What makes you sad?

9. Destiel: Talk about it.

10. It happens to the best of us: you meet someone, they tell you their name…

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