Beauty Subscription Boxes

Are you a lover of makeup? A seeker for surprises? A sampler of anything new? If you answered yes to all of these, then you’re just like me and perhaps have had experience in subscribing to beauty boxes. If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, then you’re also like me but have not yet tried though curious to try subscribing to beauty boxes. If you answered no to all, then you must have been surfing the internet for too long and just stumbled on to my blog. Kidding! Maybe you’re just a bit curious as the others and interested to know what this “beauty box” is all about.

If you are in the Philippines, you will know that there are several beauty boxes that you can avail of. Currently, I only know of 3, which I heard from kikay friends and have stumbled upon while searching the internet the other day. These are: BDJ Box, Salad Box, and Glamour Box.



I’m quite familiar with the BDJ Box as I’ve received 2 boxes already. From what I know, the contents of the BDJ Box varies depending on the needs of the Bella (that’s what BDJ calls us). This ranges from skincare products, cosmetics, body care, fragrances, hair care, nail care, etc. The BDJ Box also caters towards the skin, personality and lifestyle profile of the Bella and this will depend on the BDJ quiz taken by every member of the BDJ Box community.

580 PHP per box (1 month)
1,700 PHP (3 months) or 566.67 PHP per box
3,300 PHP (6 months) or 550 PHP per box

Payment Options:

I’ve subscribed for 6 months and paid via virtual credit card. I’m fortunate to say that there’s been no glitch in the delivery so far. During the first delivery, the delivery guy called my mobile (as posted in my BDJ account) to ask if there would be someone home to receive my BDJ Box. I was in the office at the time and the delivery guy was already at out doorstep (he didn’t get lost as most of the deliveries I’ve had, usually from fast food). I had to call a relative nearby to receive it for me. After the first delivery, the second one was made smoothly. The box was a surprise to me, which is what I usually appreciate.

Salad Box


I have yet to try out this one but based on their website, one can “receive a monthly box filled with four or more deluxe product samples from the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle brands worldwide”. The “four or more” is a bit worrisome to me considering my experience with BDJ Box, which, for 580 PHP or less worth of boxes, I get samples close to 10 samples. In April alone, I got 8 full-sized (not sample sized) items. However, I do think that this all depends on the value of the product involved. It does say “deluxe” product samples so who am I to judge at this point?

500 PHP per box (can be one time or recurring until cancelled)
2,700 PHP (6 months prepaid) or 450 PHP per box
5,000 PHP (12 months prepaid, the last 2 boxes are considered free) or 416.67 per box

Payment Options:
For one time and prepaid payments, this can be done via bank deposit or Globe GCash
For recurring subscription, this can only be done with the use of credit card and will be automatically charged to the card holder every month until cancelled.

The price is appealing as it is cheaper than the BDJ Box, even at a one month subscription. If you are the type for deals, this is very desirable. However, I have yet to try this. Perhaps I will in the coming months and then update this post accordingly.

Glamour Box

As with the Salad Box, I have yet to try Glamour Box. Based on its website, a box contains “at least 5 deluxe samples in a curated box”. So I guess I will have the same sentiment as I shared above on the Salad Box.

595 PHP per box
1,785 PHP (3 months prepaid) or 566.67 PHP

Payment Options:
Sadly, only members are allowed to see the payment options, I think. I’m not yet a member and have not inclination to be a member yet. If I ever do become a member, I will update this post soon. However, expect that, the same with the previous boxes, payment options will also be similar.

At 595 PHP per box, Glamour Box is easily the most expensive. However, a friend of mine who’s a Glamour Box subscriber said that the contents are indeed of the higher end as proved when I browsed through its previous boxes. So I guess the pricing is a bit justified. In any case, I’m not yet as sold on subscribing to this one. Stingy can be my middle name even if it’s for kikay products.

So there you have it, those are three beauty subscription boxes that I know so far. One might ask why I didn’t include the Sample Room. I think the latter one is not a subscription box at all as the member has the say on what she can receive, which kind of defeats the purpose of the “the box”. Still, such option has its points. But that’s a different blog entry altogether. So watch out for it! ^_^ I am quite interested in the Sample Room as well.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Are you a beauty box subscriber? To what/which have your subscribed? Are there any other beauty subscription boxes, aside from the three above? Let me know what you think, from one kikay to another.



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