Music Mondays: I Choose You (Sara Bareilles)

Do you believe in old souls? I believe Sara Bareilles is one, considering the depth of the songs that she’s able to create.

She’s one of the few female singers I admire for she’s not part of the “sexy idol” bandwagon. Because of this, I’m able to focus more on her music and lyrics, which are not sexy, subliminal, depressing, or angry. Most of her songs are light and happy. The serious ones are more reflective than sad.

For this week’s Music Mondays, let me share with you a relatively recent song of hers, perfect for couples on the marriage track. I noticed that most of my peers are now getting married. I also noticed that there are several other songs that pertain to marriage, similar to Sara’s. Maybe one made me notice the other but in any case, here’s Sara Bareilles’ I Choose You.

What’s your Monday Music?

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