Music Mondays: The Woman I Love (Jason Mraz)

For this week’s Music Mondays, I’m grabbing Jason Mraz’s The Woman I Love.

Jason Mraz has always been my go-to artist when it comes to feel good music. Ever since my college friend introduced me to You and I Both, I’ve been hooked on Jason Mraz. I know most of his songs and have favorites that have not even been played on the radio.

Next to my all time crush Jackie Chan (another “J”), Jason Mraz would be my dream. =”>

Like Sara Bareilles, I also think Jason Mraz is an old soul. He’s even a vegan and practices yoga (not that this proves anything). Still, my admiration for him is such that I swore not to go to any concert unless my first concert would be his.

Ramon and I were supposed to go to Jason Mraz’s concert last 14 May 2013. We bought VIP tickets. Unfortunately, it was my 4th day at the hospital. The doctor didn’t want to have me discharged for the night to attend his concert. In the end, I was forced to have our VIP tickets sold. I hated the world that night. ='(

Moving on, the reason why I chose this song as my first Jason Mraz song for Music Mondays is due to the fact that at the time I was listening to his 4th album (Love is a Four Letter Word), by the time I got to this song, I got curious whether he’s in love. As it is, the song’s lyrics and melody is filled with good emotion that I couldn’t help but feel loved, as if I was the “woman”. The fact that the concept for the music video was sourced from fans on how they would describe the woman they love also doesn’t hurt.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What’s your Monday Music?


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