Music Mondays: Treasure (Bruno Mars)

I found the above quote in a video I found on YouTube while I was searching for a good video to accompany this Monday’s featured song: Treasure, by Bruno Mars.

The verse is quite nice. So much so that I had to InstaQuote it. The video where I got the quote from is not what I’ll be sharing with you today, however, mainly because there’s a much better choreography, which is this:

JP Tarlit‘s choreography is captivating really and much to my taste than the official music video, which wasn’t what I expected. I hope you share my liking with the choreography above. It’s a feel good music with a feel good choreography and I just want to share the love!

There are many other dance videos to the tune of Treasure. I was surprised really, and had a hard time picking the best one to share. What I especially like with this video is that a couple of the dancers are Filipinos. Plus, the dancers in most of the other videos I found were Filipinos as well. Whether it’s a coincidence or not that Bruno Mars is also part Filipino, I have no idea.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Music Monday!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~
How about you? What’s your Music Monday?

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