How I Choose my Music Mondays

A friend asked me the other day how I choose the music I feature every Monday for Music Mondays. For those who are also curious, here’s what I told her:

1. I must like the music.

I know I like a particular song if the melody catches my attention and is attuned to what I’m currently feeling. Then I go to the lyrics. Sometimes, the lyrics don’t matter especially if the melody is already brilliant but if the lyrics is equally so, then it’s a shoo-in for Music Mondays.

2. It’s my LSS.

It should have clung to me long enough to call it my LSS. If you’re not familiar with LSS or Last Song Syndrome, it’s that last song that got stuck in your head and you can’t help but hum to its tune or sing a verse or two. Sometimes, you get LSS because you can’t finish singing the song since you’ve forgotten the lyrics and you just had to go back and sing the last verse you were singing. Whatever the reason, the songs I feature in Music Mondays are those that have had their fair share of being my LSS.

3. It’s the first song in my head.

Sometimes, whenever I sit down in front of my laptop to draft my Music Mondays, a particular song would pop in my head. If it meets the other criteria, then it gets to be featured. If not, then it’ll be queued for next Monday. Other times, a song gets featured because it’s so compelling that even though I’m not thinking about Music Mondays yet, it forces me to sit down and talk about it. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. It has a good video.

There’s no point in featuring a song if it’s not accompanied by a video, right? So the first thing I do is look at the official music video on YouTube. What better way to present the song than by using the OMV? Still, there are times when the pictures I envisioned in my head whenever I hear the song is very different to the OMV. In such cases, I look for other videos that best represent it. Usually, I look at dance videos that use the song. Pretty much like what I did last time with “Talk Dirty“. In such cases, I also pick the choreography that I like best and share it to everyone. If, there are no likeable videos for the song I wanted to feature, then I’ll just look for a different song. Perhaps the one queued for next Monday will become this Monday’s featured music.

5. I have a say.

There must being something that I can say about the music that I featured or the video that accompanied it, at least why I chose it for that day. You can see this in the songs I featured previously like “Say Something I’m Giving Up on You” and “The Woman I Love“. If I have nothing to say about the music, then there’d be no point for me to feature it. It might be shelved for a later date, when my circumstances align with the vibrations of the song or some other philosophical reason.

So there you have it, my Music Mondays criteria. It’s not a hard and fast rule. There are no percentages. So long as the music touches my soul and tugs at my heart, then we’re good. I’ll share it with the whole world!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

 How about you? How do you know you like a particular music? Let me know what you think!


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