REVIEW: Human Nature’s Exfoliating Bar

To scrub or not to scrub.

There’s a new addition to the bath collection of Human Nature. It’s the Exfoliating Bar, which has loofah exfoliants that scrub away dry skin.

Curious as I was, I bought one to try. I’ve always been a body wash user until I switched to Human Nature’s bath line, which only had bars for soap. Personally, I don’t find bar soaps alone efficient enough in the cleaning department. I always feel the need to use a loofah, a soft towel, or sponge to scrub myself with. I tried a bar soap with oat bits before, but found it bad for my diet since I get hungry every time I use it, but that’s beside the point. 😉

Fast Facts

HN Exfoliating Bar

Read more about Human Nature Exfoliating Bar Soap.

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