Stylish Ways to Wear your Scarf

So I have dozens of scarves at home that came into the family as gifts. I don’t usually buy scarves because I don’t know how to use them except as a means to thwart the cold weather. I just drape them over my shoulders and cross them across my front. I knot it sometimes when I feel the need to so that it won’t get in the way. Other than that, there’s nothing else.

To think that scarves of different shapes and sizes can be used as a fashion piece is pretty amazing. Below is a video on how to tie 4 types of scarves into 16 ways. More like, 4 types of tying each type of scarves. Actually, if you look at the video, there are 17 ways but I guess it would make the titling more complicated. XD

The above video was shown to me by a co-worker. We all dared to wear our scarves in different ways for one whole week. I wonder if we will be able to do the dare. Aside from the scarf wearing, I think we still need to pay attention to the rest of our outfit of which I am not good at, unfortunately.

Another video I found merits a sharing as well. It provides 15 ways to wear a scarf. It didn’t differentiate between different scarf sizes, however, but there were other styles shown here that’re not in the above video so it’s also quite informative.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Do you have other ways of wearing a scarf? I’d like to know them.


3 thoughts on “Stylish Ways to Wear your Scarf

    • kcreol says:

      I did! I’m wearing one today but it’s the simplest one. I’m not even sure if it’s in the video. Haha! But I’m a bit embarrassed to take pics. I’m not fashionista like you. 😛


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