Music Mondays: Problem (Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea)

Okay so I’m feeling dance-y since last week’s Music Monday and this tune I’ll be featuring has been constantly playing on the radio that I just had to share it. I’m sure you all know this (unless you’re living under a rock) and that there’s a high chance you’ve seen the music video. I did, over the weekend, but I found a dance routine that I’d rather share in this post, forgive me. 😉

You can skip to 0:27 where the dancing begins.

By the way, who watches So You Think You Can Dance? It’s on its 11th season and if you still don’t know what it is, then please come out of the rock you’re living under. You’re missing a big chunk of your life! I hope this batch is as good, if not better than the previous batches. I’m looking forward to a couple of the girls and about half of the guys. My happiness in dance almost always comes from this show vicariously. If you’re not a dancer or just a frustrated one (sort of like me), I recommend watching this show. You’ll see how much effort and hard work these wonderful dancers put into their craft.


I must say...

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