Sailor Moon Inspired Outfits

Let me just say it and be done with it before I explode. I love Sailor Moon! I love her to the ends of the galaxy and back, and all over again. But my love doesn’t come with tattoos all over my body or setting up cult (was there one?), and I don’t run around screaming “they’ve made a reboot!”. No, I’m the silent type but I look at wonderful Sailor Moon tattoos all over the internet, I sort of wish I can sit around with fellow fan[atics], and I kind of screamed and gushed inside when my friend told me there’s going to be a reboot. 😉

That having been said, I searched all over the internet to look for Sailor Moon inspired outfits to temper my dreams of wearing Usagi’s Sailor Senshi outfit. Yeah, I’m the crybaby who eats a lot (but I, on the other hand, got fat). My happiness satiated a bit, let me share to you the outfits I’ve found and like.

The blouse and the ribbon pendant are what I really like most in this ensemble.

Don’t you just love the sailor dress? And that blazer! It’s to die for!

The cat pendant is so cute and those boots could kick ass!

Red ankle boots hands down.

I especially like the moon pendant in this combo.

Again, the crescent moon pendant. The top is not so bad, either, and if that’s a choker there, then it’s a plus, too.

The accessories in this ensemble are the best! And I also like the white blazer and clutch bag.

There you have it! Whenever I go window shopping, I’ll have to keep an eye out for these types of wears so that I can sport my own Sailor Moon look in my “shy” kind of way. 😉

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Are you a fan (a Moonie) as well? Let me know what you think!



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