Would you rather…

Here’s to the fourth installment of Would You Rather beauty blogger tag. I just realized, while typing this post, how answering the WYR tag weekly can feel like a monthly interval. The time gap in between feels so lo0o0ong! But I need time to find and edit pictures to portray each WYR question so please bear with me. In any case, you can always find the list of WYR questions from beyondbeautyblogger. It’s thanks to her that I am able to express my creativity this way. 🙂 And answering the tag is so much fun! You should try it as well.


I’d rather buy makeup.

Would you believe that it’s easier for me to buy makeup than clothes? I suck when it comes to buying clothes. I don’t know what best fits me. I always end up buying clothes that I only get to use a handful of times before I outgrow them physically, mentally, and emotionally. When it comes to clothes, I leave that department to my mom. Yeah, my mom. She’s my fashion consultant. She can buy me clothes without me there with her to try them out and they all fit when she brings all of them home! Plus, the clothes she buys always complements the ones I already have at home! Amazing! Why can’t I ever get how she does it?

So yeah, makeup buying is easier than clothes, I think. For one thing, they’re all consumable so I need only replenish the ones I’ve used up! No problem there. If ever I feel adventurous, well, I have the money (hypothetically speaking) to get adventurous! If I do get to buy makeup that’s not for me one way or another, then I can give them to my mom who’s skin is always adaptable to all makeup! I have sensitive skin, she doesn’t. And her skin is flawless!

There you have it! My WYR for this week. Try the tag out if you haven’t, yet, and comment tag/link to me in your posts because I’d like to know your WYRs. 🙂

Beauty Tag: beyondbeautyblogger
Photos: renziebaluyut.com (money – top), www.kixp.net (makeup kit – left), themasterfranchisecentre.com (clothes – right)
Photo edit: Me


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