A Beauty, not Makeup, Tutorial

If you’re a beauty blogger, you’ve probably seen this video of Anna Akana. If you’re not a beauty blogger but a subscriber of 9gag, then you’ve probably seen the video as well. If you’re neither but have seen the video, it’s probably because you’re subscribed to Anna Akana or part of her circle, or perhaps a surfer in YouTube. Whichever you maybe, whether you’ve seen this video or not, it’s a really good watch.

As the title says of this post says, it’s a beauty tutorial, not makeup. The title of Anna Akana’s video is How to Put on Your Face, which also does not say anything about a makeup tutorial. If you know Anna Akana, she’s not a beauty blogger/vblogger. I don’t exactly know what her theme is with all her videos, I’ve yet to watch all of them, but from what I’ve watched so far, she’s a very interesting person and with a very explosive mind, one that I’d like to be in whenever she has these cerebral bursts.

Of course, being an actress and director (as her profile indicates), her videos are already rehearsed and scripted. But that’s just to make her delivery better and her words articulated. Much like with blogging, we draft, review, revise, and edit what we want to say. We don’t just click publish without checking to see our grammar and spelling. And even when we publish, we still overlook some mistakes, which we have the option to edit again, unlike in vblogging.

The point, and which I’d like to believe, is that these are all her thoughts. Thoughts that I think we already know but sometimes forget and so there are people like Anna Akana who remind us of them and we become better persons for it.

I’m not saying I agree fully with what she’s saying in all of her videos (“she ain’t my daddy” as she would say). What I’m saying is that what she’s saying is worth listening to. Just watch this video and see if you don’t find yourself looking her up on YouTube and watching some of her other videos.

How to Put on Your Face (Anna Akana)

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Did you like this video? Let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “A Beauty, not Makeup, Tutorial

    • kcreol says:

      I’m glad you liked her video. And yes, it’s not all about makeup. Makeup is only to enhance the beauty that we already have, although we still tend to forget. 😛 And Anna Akana’s crazy, in a good way.


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