Would you rather…

Alas! After 4 weeks of finding photos and having fun editing them, this week’s would you rather proved to be difficult and I’m not quite sure if the photos are really true to the caption provided. So aside from the photos I gathered and mixed together, I also found videos to share connected to today’s WYR.

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?


 I’d rather apply lipstick as eyeliner.

It’s not my best edit, I know, but give me an A for effort. I combed through lots of pictures over the past week to find the ones I can work with. Truly, the internet is a wonderful thing.

Going back to the topic, yeah, I’d rather apply lipstick as eyeliner. Well, more like eye shadow. My eyelids are less sensitive than the rest of my face, breakout-wise, so I think using lipstick as eyeliner will be safer. Although if we talk about lining my eyes specifically, I’d much rather use black lipstick as eyeliner because I’m not quite comfortable with colored eyeliners. I feel constricted when it comes to choosing eye shadow colors to pair them with.

As to eyeliner as lipstick… meh. I’m afraid it’ll just dry out my lips. If I apply lip balm first and then the eyeliner on my lips, I feel that the eyeliner will not stick.

Plus, I think it’s more practical to use lipstick as eyeliner than eyeliner as lipstick if only to save money and the product. What do I mean by this? Well, eyeliners come in small volumes/proportions than lipsticks and I think relatively more expensive than lipstick as well. And there’s much more space to fill in on the lips than the eyes. So yeah, I’d save more money and of the product if I use lipstick as eyeliner instead. 😉

Moving on to the videos, please look at the following video tutorials I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

Beauty Tag: beyondbeautyblogger
Photos: rainbow lipstick (Christina Chung), rainbow eye (eyeshadowlipstick.com), eyeliner swatch (seventeen.com), and lip with black outline (Sam’s blog?)
Photo edit: Me

~ o ~ o ~ o ~
How about you? Which would you rather choose?


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