Music Mondays: Try (Colbie Caillat)

A co-worker, to whom I showed Anna Akana’s How to Put on Your Face video in turn showed Colbie Caillat’s video to me. I loved it!

So connected to my post last week of Anna Akana’s video, today’s Music Monday would be Colbie Caillat’s Try.

Her video was released in June but was just recently published on YouTube. It carries with it Colbie Caillat’s sentiments in the music industry in particular and in being a celebrity in general, how the industry has a certain mold that women have to conform to.

This reminded me of what the then not-yet-famous Katy Perry said in her movie Part of Me. I’ll be paraphrasing here because I can’t remember it word for word but this was what Katy essentially said when she being forced to act like a rebel artist in her songs: “Whatever happened to just writing good music and letting people love it for what it is”.

And I bet they’re not the only ones with this sentiment. Women in general, whether famous or not, still encounter these molds we commonly call “gender stereotypes” or “expectations”. So I go back as well to my previous post about being a girl and add to it.

A woman does not need conform to others’ expectations to be “liked”. Be yourself. Change the rules. Do what matters to you and to you alone. Please yourself, not others. If putting makeup on makes you happy and gives you confidence, do it. If spending hours on your hair makes you feel beautiful, do it. But if it’s only to please others and make others like you, don’t.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What do you think of today’s Music Monday? What’s your Music Monday?


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