Michelle Phan’s Sailor Moon Makeup Tutorial

So I’ve been combing through Michelle Phan’s videos. I just recently subscribed to her YouTube channel (don’t be so shocked) after watching several of her videos. Please don’t kill me for saying that I’ve never heard of her or her name didn’t press its way into my brain until after I watched Anna Akana’s video How to Put on Your Face 10 more times from the time that I shared it.

Anyway, after Anna mentioned Michelle Phan’s name, I decided to look Michelle up on YouTube and watched several of her videos, the first being How to Build Self-Confidence or so I thought. Apparently, I’ve encountered Michelle Phan long ago as Sailor Moon when she made a video tutorial on how to transform your look into Sailor Moon. Haven’t I said I like, no, love, Sailor Moon?

I just found this out now and I feel the need to share! Because it’s just ridiculous how long ago that video was when I saw it and how this thing with starting a blog, subscribing to beauty boxes, starting to love how makeup transforms me in and out, seeing Anna Akana’s video, hearing her mention Michelle Phan, looking at Michelle’s videos and then seeing that Michelle was that girl, that girl, who was able to make an inspiring tutorial on how to look like Sailor Moon. Amazing!


Did I say it was amazing? It’s like serendipity or fate or something!

Moving on and before I freak you out with all this, here’s Michelle’s video tutorial transforming herself to Sailor Moon. 😉

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

I’m just so amazed I can’t even end this post properly. Let me know what you think! 🙂

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