Music Mondays: Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen)

It’s a funny thing how the things we like all come together and give birth to a creation that’s quite different but come as a pleasant surprise to us, because we like it as well. Much like combining graham crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows to come up with s’mores.

Today’s Music Monday is dated but I’d like to consider it a classic because it’s one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along with and the reason that I want to feature this is because I found a video that is just so good I have to share it with everyone. Today’s Music Monday isย Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

Now how does this connect with my intro above? Well, let me give this in bullets because otherwise, I will be spending a whole lot of time trying to explain it.

  • I like listening to music.
  • Currently, I am loving Spotify and its playlist and right now, I’m listening to theย Songs to Sing in the Shower.
  • In that playlist, our featured music started to play and I really liked it and thought it’d be great to dance to because as you know, I love dance even though I’m not a dancer (there, I said it).
  • So I searched YouTube to look for a dance choreography to that song. Oddly enough, I found a really nice video to accompany the song and which I hope you will alsoย like.

Did you get the connection? I didn’t think so. What I’m saying is that the things I like–music, Spotify, the featured song, dance, and dance routines–all lead me to this video, which I’m embedding now:

The video is more than 3 years old and I would never have found it, searched for it, or even have known about it had it not been for the things I enumerated above. And I really like it! It features David Armand who mimes the whole song while 2 guests wearing earmuffs so that they can’t hear the song playing, will have to guess what it is based on the “interpretative dance” or miming of David Armand. It’s hilarious! I hope you like it, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

How about you? What’s your Music Monday?


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