Would you rather…

Can you take the heat all bundled up? How about the cold while wearing only a bikini? Today’s Would You Rather is all about summer and winter clothes with seasons flipped:

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?


I’d rather wear summer clothes in winter.

Pretty straight forward, but I didn’t a double take and thought this question through. At the drop of the hat I’d have said that I’d rather wear winter clothes in summer simply because I’m weak in cold weather, so I’d rather be at a warm climate. Then again, I imagined myself suffocating because of the heat! I’d have no natural way–supposing that a heater or air conditioner would be out of the question–of coping with a warm weather, made warmer by winter clothes.

However, in winter, regardless of what I wear, I’ll be able to do things to help my body warm up.  I can dance, run, practice yoga, and all sorts of physical activities so that I can cope. With these, I can generate enough heat so that the cold will never bother me (“anyway”). Did you sing it? 🙂

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Photos: thestyletab
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How about you? Which would you rather choose?



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