Fifty Shades of Grey, Google, and the Rococo Four-Poster with a Flat Top

So I’ve started reading Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, not for the movie or the allure of an erotic novel but because I’ve recently finished the novel I’ve been reading and I didn’t have my stack of books in the house we just moved into. I can just imagine all of you saying “yeah, right” but it’s true. A friend of mine has given me a copy two years back but it’s only now that I got around to reading it. I’ve just started Chapter 7.

The reason I got into making this short post is because I noticed that since I started, I find myself looking up certain words that are new to me. Cornice was certainly new to my ears.

It’s funny because I’ve never done this in any of the novels I’ve read. I think those were not as vivid or graphic or maybe because I really want to get a feel of this novel. In any case, the last word–phrase actually–was “ornately carved rococo four-poster with a flat top”. I was only typing the “rococo four-poster” when ever so zealous Google completed the phrase to me. It was uncanny! And I thought that perhaps, a lot of people who’ve been reading the book also tried to picture the scene. Especially Chapter 7. I just had to stop at rococo in order to draft and publish this post. It’s so hard to resist! Although I’m taking my time with this chapter because I have a feeling that after this, there’d be nothing that can peel me away from this novel. Ciao!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Anyone had the same experience even with a different novel? Let me know what you think! 🙂


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