Music Mondays: Chandelier (Sia)

Have you ever encountered something beautiful and disturbing at the same time so much so that you can’t figure out whether it’s disturbingly beautiful or beautifully disturbing? I think this one will be a good example. It’s the official music video of today’s Music Monday, Chandelier by Sia.

This song was already in my list of songs to feature in Music Mondays, having heard and loved it in Spotify. I just watched the music video after seeing All About That Bass and where Meghan Trainor’s song left me feeling happy and dance-y, this one left me speechless.

First, I was disturbed by the first scene because I thought it Sia by the door frame in a skin tone outfit (the effect was as if she was not wearing anything). Then it turned out that it was a girl in the outfit and I was disturbed all the more. Then the girl started dancing the whole song (contemporary) and it was beautiful and disturbing because she acted crazy but her movements were beautiful! The close ups are what got to me because the girl’s not only a dancer but an actress as well, especially the final scene where I kept thinking that something might pop in the video to scare me. >.<

Well, without giving out too much of the music video, because it’s something worth watching, here’s Sia’s Chandelier.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What did you think of the video? Share your Music Monday!


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