Would you rather…

Second to the last of our WYR. Keep your suggestions coming in order to continue would you rather. No need to make it all about makeup or beauty. It could be anything under the sun but let’s keep it wholesome enough, shall we?

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

WYR 13

I’d rather Sharpie my eyebrows everyday.

Possibly the most terrifying WYR I’ve encountered, not because of the question, but because the search for photos to represent the question has left me scarred for life! Try searching “no eyebrows” and “sharpie eyebrows” on Google and see if the results will not give you nightmares.

I never thought not having eyebrows could be so shocking to the senses. It’s really out of the norm and I feel for the people who have to live with not having any hair at all (it’s a condition, I know). I like seeing myself with eyebrows, no matter how sparse my natural one may seem. That’s why, between not having eyebrows at all versus having to line them with a Sharpie everyday, I’d choose the latter.

However, with Shapie eyebrows, it can be a hit or miss thing. You must have a very steady hand and a very artistic one at that if you don’t want to look like “Joker”. That’s the closest I can describe the photos of Sharpied eyebrows I saw on Google’s results. I’d take my chances with the “Joker” look, because I can always erase and re-draw them than not having any at all.

I’m still getting the chills!

Beauty Tag: beyondbeautyblogger
Photos: no eyebrows (bodybuilding.com) vs. Sharpie eyebrows (HitchDied.com)
Photo Edit: Me

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What about you? Which would you rather do with your shaved eyebrows?

I must say...

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