Pan de Manila: Chocolate con Nueces

Ever wondered what Choc-nut and hot chocolate will taste like when combined? If you can’t imagine the taste, might as well try Pan de Manila’s Chocolate con Nueces. Nueces is Spanish for nuts so PDM’s new 3-in-1 mix combines chocolate with roasted peanuts.

Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, creamer, muscovado, cocoa, milk, tablea, iodized salt
Price: Php18.00

Although it doesn’t say in the packaging, it really tastes like hot chocolate with crumbled/stirred-in Choc-nut. I’m not saying it’s not good. It’s actually delicious. I just can’t get the idea out of my head.


Also, I really don’t get why Pan de Manila insists on iodized salt in its mixes (including coffee mixes). Is it a Spanish thing? Please enlighten me if you know. To me, particular to this the Chocolate con Nueces, the peanuts should already provide the saltiness in the drink. So there shouldn’t be any need for the iodized salt.

I also failed to grasp the use of the creamer. There didn’t seem to be any when I prepared mine. The drink was as dark as any cocoa drink I’ve tried.

If you haven’t noticed already, the ingredients list says “sugar” and “muscovado”. I searched Google to see if muscovado and be anything other than sugar or sweetener. Turns out, it’s an unrefined brown sugar (as per Wikipedia). So it is a sweetener, a sugar. Don’t you think having sugar and muscovado only makes it redundant? Diabetes anyone?

Finally, despite using just boiled water and stirring the mixture, there were still some residue left at the bottom of my mug that failed to melt. It wasn’t so bad as it still tasted delicious (like semi-melted Choc-nut) but I really hate to find those things in my hot chocolate or coffee. They’re a waste.

Okay, so I didn’t want to be too critical or negative about it. It’s not what I initially intended. But as I go about typing the ingredients, it happens. I don’t know if the corporation became lazy in their ingredients list because it would seem that they just copy-pasted it from their other mixes and just added the other ingredients. Or maybe they did put in sugar and muscovado intentionally.

One thing’s for sure, although it’s delicious, it’s something that I will drink once in a blue moon. It’s quite pricey at Php 18.00 compared to other coffee mixes and my other problem with this, the Nutritional Facts are not provided, as with the other mixes that Pan de Manila has. I hope the corporation corrects this. This could make or break a transaction with some consumers.


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