Squat Circuit Challenge Update: Day 1

Today marked the 1st day of my Squat Circuit Challenge. I thought I’d give a daily update on my progress–just to say that I am indeed doing it–and share my thoughts on it.

I’ll keep the updates short and will be blogging on mobile for this so that I won’t have an excuse not to write at least a paragraph about my progress. There are rest days anyway so I have a break as well.

If you’re doing it or have done it, share your thoughts 🙂 I’d love to hear them. fitfor365, who’s also done a squat challenge, was generous enough to share tips for completing the squat challenge.

Day 1: 6 reps
Fairly easy. But I just returned to pole fitness after more a than year from it and my body’s aching all over. So the squat circuit challenge, even at Day 1, was a struggle. It was a struggle to push myself back up from the squat. Haha! What a way to go!

I hope my body will have adjusted by tomorrow. I plan to at least do my squats with finesse.

Wish me luck!


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