Top 10 Things that Occupy My Life

occupation [n]

  1. An activity or task with which one occupies oneself; usually specifically the productive activity, service, trade, or craft for which one is regularly paid; a job.
  2. x x x.
  3. x x x.

This is taken from wiktionaryI especially like the idea that it did not associate occupation with work at the outset so I’m working with this definition.

I noticed recently the things that occupy me, not counting my work of course. There are those that I do to while away the time and those that I really make time for in order to do. But without making any distinction and in no particular order, here are the Top 10 Things that Occupy My Life:

1. Reading

I am currently reading the Xanth Series. Since I’ve gotten a hold of the eBook, it’s much easier for me to read them–in order and without much delay in between volumes. It’s a fun read. Piers Anthony has created a fantasy world where all puns are taken literally.

2. Blogging

I mentioned before that I’ve been blogging since college, but it was a time when blogs were just online journals. I ranted quite a lot, threw my “creativity” into the Internet for all to see, and learned quite a few tricks about html to make my blog “pretty”. Then I stopped when I graduated. Now, I’m blogging again with a different purpose in mind. No more ranting, but I’ve yet to define the blog that I have on my hands right now.

3. Game Day!

With friends, of course. This we schedule often and the ideal is to do it on a weekly basis and sometimes at different venues. We’re actually spread out over five cities and there’s just about 6 of us who regularly make it. Of course, the more there are available, the better. We can never get enough players to play the many board games that we’ve bought for ourselves and for everyone! If you want to join in the fun, let me know! That’s one more player and, perhaps, a friend. 🙂

4. Yoga

Stress buster! One of the few things that I will spend money on and make time to be able to do. Currently, I’d rather go to yoga classes so that my form can be corrected by the teacher, if any. I also like the positive energy the class shares every time. The fact that I’m becoming stronger and more flexible each time I go on the mat also helps.

5. Pole Fitness


I’ve just gotten back after more than a year of rest, thanks to my friend who was kind enough to give me a free pass. This kick-started my enthusiasm for pole again. It’s another strength developer, working against my body weight. The feeling I get each time I nail a trick only makes me come back for more. It’s very elating–the feeling of power and grace. Dispel your “conservative” (more like outdated and discriminatory) thoughts for a bit. Reserve it for when and after you have tried a class or two.

6. Zumba

There’s not much classes that I can attend to for this but when there are classes available, I make sure to go. Not only does it satiate my craving for dance, this cardio workout is a great way to slash off several hundreds of calories in an hour.

7. Driving

I do my make-up while driving to work.

Of course. If I wanted to attend those classes, I’d always be driving. There are no near enough studios in my area. Nothing within walking distance. So I spend most of my time driving from one class to the next. I also spend a total of 4 hours a day driving to/from work (doing my make-up at the same time).

8. Make-up

Need I say more? I’m not a make-up artist or anything, I just love how make-up can change how anyone looks whether by enhancing one’s features to be more beautiful or transforming one’s look altogether. But most of the time, I just like trying out different combinations of make-up as well as skin care products. Whatever works for me and my sensitive skin is always the priority so I spend time with all these things. It’s kikay!

9. Surfing the Internet

Part of it is for blogging, the other half is for work, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media updates. Sometimes, I just get sucked into the vortex that is the Internet and only come out hours later. Brain suck!

10. Human Nature


We made a heart during our Human Nature Dealers Immersion at the GK Enchanted Farm.

I said before that I’m a dealer/re-seller of this wonderful brand. All ingredients and products are sourced and made in the Philippines. More than a majority of the products are 100% natural. If it’s not, then the labels will show the exact percentage. I’ve been a long time user before I became a dealer and I became a dealer initially so I can save on my personal purchases. It was only later that I introduced it to my friends because I’ve already tried the products themselves. So I make time to attend their seminars and research on their products. I’ve done a couple of reviews of their products (Safe Block and Exfoliating Bar) and have lined up some of their items for review as well.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What occupies your life?


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