When You Think You’re Not Good Enough…

After a bout of depression, which I’d rather not extend, here I am blogging this unwelcome but clingy feeling away. No, not to depress everyone else–I swore ranting off this blog–but to share an article from Marc and Angel Hack Life (via Bloglovin’) that I read yesterday. So for anyone who’s in the dumps right now, if for whatever reason you feel hopeless, unwanted, rejected, and, as Mulan felt, not worthwhile, I hope this helps.

As I did with 7 Strange Questions that Help You Find Your Life Purpose (Seven Questions for short) by Mark Manson, I won’t be pasting the whole article but will only be providing the headings. You can find the whole article here.

This is not a sponsored post. It’s me sharing something valuable to someone equally worthwhile.

20 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

1. Nobody is doing better than you because nobody can do better than you. 

2. Where you are right now is a necessary step. 

3. Everything is coming together… maybe not immediately, but gradually. 

4. It is your resistance to “what is” that causes your suffering.

5. Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace. 

6. You are always good enough to try, and that’s what’s important in the end. 

7. There’s always something small you can do. 

8. Failures are really just lessons that need to be learned. 

9. Yesterday’s impossibilities may be possible today. 

10. What “might happen” can only stop you if you let it. 

11. The quality of your vision drives the quality of your life.

12. You don’t need to get everyone’s approval first. 

13. What you’re capable of achieving is greatly based on how much you want it. 

14. Your best bet is to give yourself no other choice. 

15. You have to work hard on yourself too.

16. You are stronger than whatever is troubling you. 

17. For everything you’ve lost, you’ve gained something else. 

18. You have made the best of some tough situations.

19. Your scars are symbols of your strength. 

20. You are still here trying. 

At the end of the article, Marc and Angel ask which item resonated most in you. Before today, mine was no. 12. Now, it’s nos. 8 and 13. I’d like to know yours, if any. You can also go to Marc and Angel’s site to share your thoughts.

Now, time to dust myself off and pick myself up. 🙂


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