Music Mondays: Get Her Back (Robin Thicke)

A song some, if not most, women would like to be dedicated to them; women who have been mistreated, betrayed, or broken by their significant others. First the melody, then the lyrics, I began to like the song itself. I didn’t know it was Robin Thicke’s at first because I only knew him from Blurred Lines and Lost Without You with his falsetto. In Get Her Back, the falsetto was not much emphasized so the first time I heard it on the radio, his name never registered. Only my friend, Sofie, guessed the artist correctly. Still, I didn’t believe it at the time considering that the lyrics were sweet and romantic enough for me to even associate it with my idea and perception of Robin Thicke.

Going back to today’s featured song, I found the music video disturbing to a certain degree and I tried connecting the video with the lyrics, which was quite difficult. I gave up halfway and imagined that the video might be instilling some subliminal message into my brain. That’s how disturbing it was for me to watch, anyway. I don’t know about you.

Also, I scrolled down the comments section and there was quite a bit of discussion on the video and the message it tries to send. The speech bubbles in the video also make for a good discussion but which I’d rather not be a part of. Suffice it to say, I like the song, melody, and the lyrics in and of itself, minus the video (sorry).

In any case, I’m putting the official music video here to share mainly because there’s no other video that features the song and partly so you can understand what I meant when I said it was disturbing. Leave your comments below if you felt the same as I did or differently, whichever.

Get Her Back by Robin Thicke

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

What’s your Music Monday?


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