Music Mondays: Broken Strings (James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado)

Hello everyone! This post was supposed to be published last week, but I reconsidered because it didn’t quite fit the Halloween vibe. So I pushed it to this week. It’s a relatively old but still familiar song and I know many have dedicated this to someone or felt that this was dedicated to them.

It’s about trust. Once it’s broken, it can never be mended. We can try and pretend, much as we hope to forget but we all know that it will always be strained from the moment there’s been a tear in the relationship.

Today’s Music Monday is James Morrison’sย Broken Strings featuring Nelly Furtado. But today, I’d like to feature a different representation of trust. Instead of the music video, I’ll be sharing this dance routine (on ice) of Matt and Nina toย Broken Strings.

I believe this is a very difficult routine as I could see so many ways that it could go wrong and either or both dancers would go home injured or worse. However, they were able to pull it off seamlessly and made it look effortless. For my thought process at the time, however, trying to connect the song lyrics to the dance, I just thought: They must have trust each other to the ends of the earth to be able to do this routine.

P.S. I think my heart stopped several times at moments whenย Matt was spinning around holding up Nina by one arm and at one time holding her only by her legs. >.<


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