Music Mondays: You and I Both (Jason Mraz)

In light of the upcoming Jason Mraz (and Raining Jane) concert here in Manila on November 27, I’d be featuring one of my favorite artist’s songs: You and I Both.

This is the song that first introduced me to Jason Mraz’s music, although I later found out that I’ve listened to his Sleep All Day and The Remedy before this, I just didn’t know it was him.

A friend of mine asked me if I knew the You and I Both and recommended that I listen to it. And listen I did because I didn’t understand it at first but I already loved it. About 10 years later, I’m still not sure what the whole song means yet I still love it. The music video sure didn’t clarify much, but I did love the dance part. What I can say is that there’s a whole lot of love in this song and it’s become a special song for me and it has never gotten old.

I think it’s about…

…connecting with someone and the story is about two childhood friends who’ve found this connection, perhaps through conversation. And it all started with one of them saying “All things are gonna happen naturally.” I’d like to believe that Mraz’s talking about himself and a friend, and that he’s the one who took that advice and has since looked at the bright side and balance in all things. Maybe this has shaped him, because his ascent to greatness wasn’t that immediate (just listen to Wordplay and you’ll get his story).

He has some lesser known songs that I really love like Please Don’t Tell HerLove for a Child, Mr. CuriosityNot So Usual, Frank D. Fixer, and 1,000 Things. 

I think I’m a fan but not in the way stereotypes go. I like listening to his songs and reading into the lyrics. I feel like I’m getting to know him through his words because he loves those words and so put effort into crafting them into his melodies.

I still know little about Jason Mraz, only that he’s vegan and he’s into photography, yoga, and music. He’s also active in supporting the rights of LGBTs, protecting the environment, and spreading awareness about human trafficking. He’s interesting, to say the least, and inspiring, to say more.

I’m excited that I’d get to listen to him live this coming November 27. Short of gushing and screaming, I’m just writing my excitement here or else I’ll explode. His singing live is the best because he never sings his songs the same way and he adds a special magic to them.

Here’s my favorite acoustic version of You and I Both. It’s also longer because he added a few lines to the bridge, which I think is just great! His boyish smile is also charming!

I pray that I won’t get sick and be confined in a hospital like what happened to me last year. Wish me luck!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

P.S. Try watching his concert at EBS Korea. So far, it’s the best for me.


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