Deodorants/Antiperspirants vs. Hair Growth

Warning: This may be too personal for your comfort so please stop reading while you still can. 🙂

deo hair growth

Practical question. One, which I googled and the answers say that it’s probably because of puberty. Sadly, I’m way past my puberty and I’ve had my fair share of armpit hair, shaving, waxing, plucking, etcetera. Why ask the question then?

I’ve had IPL done on my pits and have had blissfully hair free armpits. But as IPLs go, they work for a time until the period comes when you need to get your booster shots to prevent re-growth. I’ve been postponing mine, primarily because it’s expensive. Also the re-growth strands in mine are too thin to be visible and bothersome.

At the time, I’ve been using a deodorant that has 100% natural ingredient. But recently, I switched to a non-natural one (why?!) and in just a few days, I noticed an abundance and thickness that wasn’t there before. Hence, my question.

But as I mentioned, there isn’t much study on the matter and some are inconclusive. One thing is for sure, this only happened when I switched to a non-natural deodorant and I’m so regretting it now. I’ve since switched back to my old deodorant but have less of a hope that the strands will be back to the way they used to be.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Have you had a similar experience? I’d like to know.

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