Great Find: Cute Straps and Ties for Unruly Cords

The other day I went to Daiso Japan, a Japanese store that sells items for P33, P66, and P88, mostly. I love going to such stores because the Japanese really know how to make cute but practical things. Also, they sell items that I never thought I’d need or want until I see them on the shelves.

Of the many things there, I bought these straps and ties to use for my cords and wires at home.


Each is worth Php 88



I was too excited to use these cuties that I forgot to take a before shot. However, the after shots are way better than how the cords were before so I’d like to keep it that way.


I used the straps for the thick and big cords.


I used the small ties for the small and thin cords.


This is how my cords look in their pretty container.

Who said practical cannot be cute? Might as well have these items than dull Velcro or hard-to-undo-unless-you-cut cable ties, right?


I must say...

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