Flying Trapeze Philippines: What it Takes to Fly

Have you ever been to the circus and watched a flying trapeze show? I have. Like the child I was back then, I was in awe of the people who seemed to defy gravity. They fly from one ledge to the other, swinging, spinning, etc.

Fast forward to twenty years later, I found myself clicking the buy button on the internet for a 2 hour Flying Trapeze class in BGC. What was I thinking?

Think Happy Thoughts

“Is this your idea of flying?”

I must have been in a different plain of existence because I didn’t quite get the question. My brain translated it to mean: Are you crazy? You really want to go through with this?

“I guess…” was all I could muster at the time before I was swept into a crash course on what to do:

Getting to know the area

The ropes: (1) practice bar; (2) my lifeline; (3) dismount area; (4) the long climb

Proper posture before taking flight.

Proper posture before taking flight.

Practice bar

Ground practice with the practice bar


When to take pictures while hanging upside down… kidding! 🙂

How to properly dismount.

How to dismount properly

I’m so happy my good friend Sofie agreed to tag along with me on this eventful day. Not only was she an ample source of encouragement, she also took the pictures for me using multiple devices–my phone, her phone, her camera. Thanks Sof!

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck!

Ready! Hep!

READY! – You bend your knees.
HEP! – You jump. Don’t think. Just jump.

These were the words that enabled me to jump and fly.

When you’re high up there, all manner of thought goes out the window. Commands in the form of short words become your lifeline. There’s no time to think, only to act.

For a beginner, these were the commands that I lived by: Ready! Hep! Legs up! Hands off! Hands back! Legs down! Forward! Backward! Forward! Let go!

I did all these things in one go and in less than a minute. Then I rested for five and gave it another go.

{A video of me following my ten commandments}

For the whole class, depending on the routine or trick each student had to do, we had to do several runs. This was in preparation for the final couple or so runs.


In a nutshell

The Catch

Wouldn’t you know it, for the final fifteen minutes of the session, we had to do the runs we’ve been practicing with a catcher. For me, instead of pulling up after my knee hang, I had to swing forward and grab on to the catcher while letting go of my bar. Easy, right?

I was only able to do this twice.

The first time, I scared the heavens out of my instructors. I was called a superwoman by one of them. Apparently, I let go of my bar too soon and literally flew towards my catcher. Had I had too much momentum, I could have overshot and missed him or worse, I could have hit him directly. Good thing I didn’t.

The second time, I did the sequence correctly–grab the catcher then let go. It was just too bad that my hands slipped–maybe because our grip was wrong or because I didn’t have the strength anymore. Either way, it was the first time I felt myself fall.

{A video of my fall from grace}

The Aftermath

All in all, it was a great experience and definitely one for the books. Would I do it again? As much as it exhilarated and freed me so-to-speak, I wouldn’t be doing it again any time soon. The adrenaline rush was great. The endorphin was off the charts. But I care for my well being more, particularly my hands.

If you’re following me on Instagram or subscribed to my Facebook page, you’d know what I’m talking about. This–

My battle scars

My battle scars 0.o

As I said, adrenaline rush and endorphin–these allowed me to do all the runs without ever feeling the pain. Afterwards, hello popped blisters.

So it will take a while before I return. Perhaps when there are decent grip gloves for such things. Other than the pain in treating my hand, I don’t think I can handle missing out on things and opportunities because of an injured palm–yoga, pole, even the joy of washing my face, etc.

I do believe there are other ways to fly. 🙂 But for thrill seekers and YOLO advocates, this should be in your bucket list.

with the Flying Trapeze crew

{with Flying Trapeze Philippines}


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