Music Mondays: It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Jason Mraz)

It’s still the beginning of the new year and it’s still not too late to have a clean slate. So in relation to last week‘s Music Monday, which was all about beginning anew, we, of course, cannot do so without letting go of certain things in our lives. Whether we like it or not, a new year brings along changes. A new day does that as well but annual turnovers have much more in store.

So for this week, our theme would be one of letting go. Forgiving and letting go. We cannot begin the new year with burdens from the past. We have to free ourselves of negativity and turn them into hope and faith. But as easy as it can be said, it’s not so easily done. We have attachments whether physical or emotional. And letting go of these can be a challenge.

If you ever find yourself in fear of letting go, remember this:

The good memories will always outweigh the bad so focus on them. Take with you the memories to be your sunshine after the rain.


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