The Thing About Fate

The other day I watched Serendipity for the first time. Yes, the first time.

Anyone who ever knew that I’ve never watched it gave similar reactions:

“You should watch it!”

“You’ll be missing half of your life if you don’t watch it!”

“It’s a good movie. You should watch it.”

So I did. The thing is… the movie wasn’t really about serendipity. It wasn’t about finding something good without looking for it. It was wholly about fate. And they went on and on about the idea that if they were meant to be, fate would see to it. If not, fate will also see that they do not meet.

I think fate’s behind everything.

But you see, I don’t see fate in the way that it is portrayed in movies or in its romanticized definition. I see fate as the inevitable consequence of a series of actions and decisions that we made. There is nothing pre-destined because our actions lead us to our outcomes.

It’s like the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Our choices determine our respective endings. It’s the consequence of free will. And in a long line of decisions, choices made, and acts committed, we get what we deserve. Our endings… whatever it may be.

Fate isn’t what happens. It’s not the reason. It’s the result.



2 thoughts on “The Thing About Fate

  1. carmendianne says:

    First let me admit that I have not seen the movie either. *hangs head in shame* but I find your interpretation on fate interesting, but I do disagree. While I do agree that fate is a consequence of our actions, I think that the end result can be predestined and the route in which we go about it is more so about our personal journey. We go through the things necessary to prepare us to step into our fate. For example, I am currently living and studying in Paris, and I believe it is because it was meant to happen. First, I entered a contest to win a week long body painting course by Make Up For Ever. I went through a lot of effort for that contest but ultimately I did not win. Shortly after that I came across a scholarship to the same school but this time for their TV & Cinema program, which was even more fitting since I’m not really a body painter but I work in TV & Cinema. I submitted for the scholarship, and as time went on it slipped my mind. One day I ran into a makeup artist friend of mine who had just got back from working in Paris. I expressed to him that I wanted to go to Paris and I really wanted my career to allow me to travel and see the world. He told me simply to ask for it. So, on my way home I said a quick prayer and went on about my day. Literally 2 days later I found out that I won the scholarship and would attend the Academy’s 6 month program. Had it been up to me I would have only been here for a week, but instead I’m here for 6 months and I believe it is because this is part of my story that I need to experience to reach the end goal and fully step into my fate. So, I guess you could argue that I created my own fate, but I would argue that this is part of my journey and it was meant to be.


  2. kcreol says:

    You haven’t seen Serendipity? It’s fine 😛 but it does give my post a little more context. And the movie may have shaped a lot of people’s minds and beliefs in some aspects so if you want yours affected, it may be worth it.

    As for your proposition that fate or the end result can be predestined, let me get back on that if only because typing via mobile has its challenges. 😉 But initially, I’m happy you got your prayer answered. 🙂


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