Music Mondays: The Lonely (Christina Perri)

Imagine a music that can send a thrill down your spine and have your hair stand on end. And imagine one that can give you a powerful imagery just by reading the lyrics while listening to the melody.

Such was the case when I first saw Christina Perri’s The Lonely. Immediately I saw a wooden doll before me (or a mannequin, a girl puppet, or the doll on the music box), dancing across a darkened room, remembering that a long, long time ago, there was once someone there to hold her hand and dance with her.

Now there’s only me…

I was actually supposed to feature Jar of Hearts for this week. But this one’s really something.

Did you experience the same spine chilling feeling I did? If not for the wooden doll, the music could be a score to a really scary movie, don’t you think? Even the typewriter, the writings on the wall, and the burning paper give the same feeling.


I must say...

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