Music Mondays: Little Things (One Direction)

When you love someone, you’re always aware of him. It’s as if your whole consciousness gravitates towards him. Everything little thing he does, the things he likes and dislikes, his mannerisms, etc., all these things are printed into your subconscious so much so that trivial things remind you of him.

It’s no wonder that in Avatar, they tell each other “I see you”. In anime/manga, guys/girls confess not only to get an answer but also to make the “confessee” become aware of them and consider them.

Can you imagine being the one at the receiving end of that attention? Will it scare you? Or will it flatter you? What would you feel? Personally, I’d be humbled. I always have prettier friends and so am used to being unnoticed. So catching someone’s attention and having his awareness focused only on me, I’d consider that a worthwhile feeling. To think that I’d be the one bringing color to his life.

Now, what if today’s rocking boy group (do we still call them boy band like in the 90s?) serenades you with a song that describes such awareness? Wouldn’t you just swoon to cloud nine?

Little Things by One Direction

P.S. Did you notice that last week’s Music Mondays, has the phrase “little things” in its lyrics, too?


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