Music Mondays: The Only Exception (Paramore)

Once bitten, twice shy.

If you’ve been hurt before, chances are, you wouldn’t want to repeat the same experience again for fear of getting hurt. But there is no “same experience”. Nothing repeats itself exactly the same way. And you don’t receive and experience such things exactly the same way you did before. So there is no need to fear. There is no need to be “shy” because the person you were the first time is not the same person you are now. The same is true with other people. People change. It’s inevitable.

But if you’ve shied away from anything that could possibly hurt you because of the pain you saw in others, then you’d be missing a significant part of your life. You’d never know the value of all the positive things such as happiness, love, trust, beauty, and such if you don’t get to experience and relate it in the context of its negative side.

Then again, there’s no need to rush into things. You get over fear over time. Sometimes, it takes one person to make an exception and help you overcome your fears and doubts.

Today’s Music Monday embodies that notion. In love, it takes that one person to dispel the fear of getting hurt again.

The Only Exceptionย byย Paramore

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