On Domains, Web Hosting, Designs, et cetera

It’s been a year since I started blogging again and for the past few weeks, I’ve been reviewing my options when it comes to domains, web hosting, blog design, logo, and all other things for my blog. I thought it’s time to take this seriously and with a year’s worth of creating content based on what interests me, I believe, as I’ve mentioned several contents ago, that I can streamline what goes into my blog.

These are the things that I’ve been considering:

Content Management

Of course, it won’t be just what interests me. I’ve still other drafts that haven’t been finalized and published, mostly travel entries. I don’t know how travel bloggers do it but sifting through gazillions of photos without getting lost in the moment is hard! I’ll have to work better with such entries.

The present and intended contents of my blog will also affect my categories and pages. Meaning, I’ll also be investing time going back through my posts and updating/revising them to make my contents more cohesive and easy to track and get to via navigation.

new blog name

Other than content management, I’ve finally decided on a name. Sure, kcreol is unique but it hasn’t quite lived up to my expectation of it. I won’t let it disappear altogether but it will have to take the passenger (not the back) seat for now. Plus, whenever I verbally share my blog address (kcreol.wordpress.com), I get the usual blank stare, which I interpreted to mean: “How do you spell that exactly?” So a change in the name is much needed.

Consequently, this will also affect the other social media accounts I manage. Presently, I have Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook. The first two are also my personal accounts although I don’t think there’s  a need for me to create a different Instagram and Twitter account for my blog. Whether or not I’ll change the name of these accounts is not yet my concern. The new name I have may already be taken so I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there.


As I am an avid follower of Lauren of Elle & Co., I’ve picked up a lot when it comes to branding and I hope to apply it to my blog. Currently, coming up with a design and logo for the new name sure has got me excited! But since I don’t have an extensive computer design background, I don’t know how to digitally convert my sketches. I’ll have this done by someone else. I can hear my money floating away.

In any case, from how the design and logo will turn out, it will definitely affect the design of my whole blog. It’s branding after all.

Templates are the least of my concern, the one I’m currently using is elegant and clean enough for me. Depending on where I end up, I don’t plan to splurge so much on templates. I just want my fonts and color scheme to make readability a breeze for my followers and readers.

WordPress.com or squarespace

Since I follow Lauren and she’s been blogging about Squarespace every so often, I’ve become interested in the platform (is that what you call it?). Her tips on using its features don’t make it easy for me to stay with WordPress.com so it’s been a big decision making matter for me.

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and honestly, it’s taking a toll on my brain as I am not a web designer/builder and I’m not as familiar with the terms used in the reviews.

On the one hand, I’m already familiar with WordPress.com and I’ve followers that I wouldn’t want to lose (but maybe they’ll follow me via e-mail instead or Bloglovin’). However, in the long run, all the upgrades and other what-not with WordPress.com can become heavy on the wallet. In such case, the reviews say that it’d much better if I were to switch to WordPress.org.

On the other hand, reviews on Squarespace are filled with praise and there are it’s much more lenient when it comes to widgets or plug-ins compared to WordPress.com. Plus, it isn’t as widespread as WordPress.org so customer support is much quicker. Still, it’d be a whole new platform for me to get familiar with.


Money will surely fly off my wallet in most of these things, which is why I’m taking my time considering and narrowing down all my options.

I’ve been asking fellow bloggers on this for advice and on how they arrived at their decisions. Ultimately, it’s my decision to make and money is always a factor. Since an investment is required if I want to take my blogging seriously, then options on minimizing my expenses are what I am looking into.

~ o ~ 0 ~ o ~

Have you ever had such thoughts for your blog that you’d like to share? It will surely help me as well as benefit others who are considering the same. 🙂


7 thoughts on “On Domains, Web Hosting, Designs, et cetera

  1. SomniVision says:

    When I was setting up my site last year I came across squarespace as well. They have some slick layout designs but almost no audience so it’s going to be difficult building any sort of readership over there. However, as of late the wordpress theme developers have also come out with some great themes too.
    I started with a wordpress free account just to host my portfolio, then eventually I got into blogging and got more exposure through the wordpress audience and also hooking into other social media sites. The costs work out to the same with either service but based on what I’m seeing in your blog I would try to leverage wordpress for it’s audience first.
    Hope this helps.


    • kcreol says:

      I get what you mean when it comes to audience. I don’t think Squarespace has a “reader” similar to WordPress. But if I’m looking to input ads on my site, WordPress doesn’t seem to be as lenient (I’m thinking of Google AdSense particularly). I might also encounter other roadblocks on WP along the way that I wouldn’t be encountering in others. There’s still a lot to consider on my part but thanks so much for your input! Ads won’t matter if I don’t have the much needed audience/traffic anyway.


    • SomniVision says:

      You’re very welcome! About the ad thing, wordpress does have it’s own program for that called WordAds but you need to have a certain amount of traffic before they even consider you. Something like several thousands of views per day is what I heard…


    • kcreol says:

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve been looking into since last week. So much info. I looked at your blog, nice bold design. Do you run ads? I must have skipped them if there are.


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