Why kcreol?

It was initially a username, one I used in different accounts and works. Before, it was only “Creol” but then, as many narcissist do, I needed something with my mark, my initial. And so I added “K”.

So let me introduce myself. Hi! I’m Kaye. I’m a dreamer and a hopeful dancer. In this blog I will be sharing the things that interest and drive me. I hope to write only the positive things. If you would like to believe, nothing can be gained by spreading negativity. So I’ll censor myself in that respect.

I hope you find my blog interesting because it will be reflective of me. If not, just comment away. I don’t think criticisms meant for advancement are negatives unless they are intended to destroy.

So with that, I open myself to you.


One thought on “Why kcreol?

I must say...

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