Read Me First

As I learned from the 10th iblogph event last April 2014:

It doesn’t matter where or how, I should start writing now.”

So for those wondering why this blog seems so cluttered, that would be because I’m letting myself write whatever comes to mind first. It’s my hope that once I get to write and publish several posts, I’ll be able to determine the topics that get me to write and express myself. Then, I’ll be able to organize everything and categorize my posts.

So for now, I will apologize for the clutter. Let’s just say it’s part of my journey to find myself. But if you have the patience and have gone through my posts and have some suggestions on what I could or should write about, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

My goal is to be able to identify which topics, depending on my posts, go together and which ones should be the subject of a different blog altogether.

Thank you for taking the time to Read Me First and you are welcome to read my posts and comment on them.

 ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Update (as of June 2014)

Judging from my posts, which are mostly about makeup, kcreol is becoming a beauty blog. That’s because I have a lot of material for my posts, since I am subscribed to a beauty box. However, I still have other ideas/interests–fitness, wellness, and entertainment related–that I can publish so my blog won’t be all about beauty. There’s that and I also have Music Mondays, which has nothing to do with a beauty blog.

Update (as of February 2015)

I figured that I am indeed a lifestyle blogger although what lifestyle truly entails still eludes me. However, as I’ve recently posted, now that I will be more serious in blogging, my contents will include travel and leisure, makeup and beauty, fitness and wellness. These three things encompass all that make me happy—dance or movement, anything kikay, and nature. Whether these things fall under the “lifestyle” category, you be the judge but it’s the closest I can line myself with.

I look forward to another year of blogging with everyone!


3 thoughts on “Read Me First

  1. leesa says:

    hi po! It’s my first time to read your blog, refreshing kasi merong music topic…Please post or write about career related topic naman. I like your writing style kasi napaka natural lang ng pagkukwento. Thanks po and more power.


    • kcreol says:

      Hi Leesa. Thanks for dropping by and I’m happy you like my blog. 🙂 I’m working to include career related topics din but finding a way to make it light hearted para hindi naman masyadong seryoso. Anong career topics do you have in mind ba? 🙂 thanks!


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