An Experience: Jason Mraz & Raining Jane in Manila

My excitement from Jason’s concert here in Manila has yet to diminish and I’ll always remember it as the highlight of this year. As I’ve said countless times, I swore that his concert would be my first. I swore true.


From the time I bought those tickets until the moment I saw him walk up to that microphone on stage, I was holding my breath.

Read more about my experience of Jason Mraz’s concert in Manila.

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DIY: From Dull T-Shirt to Cool Workout Tank Top

This weekend, I tried my hand in some creative DIY involving an old T-shirt. I’ve seen a lot of people donning cutout shirts during their workouts (gym, Zumba, yoga, pole, etc.) and it seems revamping t-shirts but cutting them whichever way is a craze. I know some people who make a leaving revamping other people’s old t-shirts.

As for me, although I didn’t want to join the band wagon, I can’t help but be curious. Lo and behold, in an attempt to release some stress in a different way, I decided to try revamping an old T-shirt, the half of a couple shirt I got from Mang Inasal.

So I looked over the internet for the easiest design to start with and therefore least likely to fail. And I must say, I’m quite proud of what I’ve created!

Normal T-Shirt

Get a normal t-shirt.

Cut off the sleeves, collar, bottom hem

Cut off the sleeves, collar, and bottom hem.

Use the bottom hem strip to tie the back side of the Shirt. I went with a braided back look.

Use the bottom hem to tie the back side of the t-shirt. I went with a braided back look.

Finished Product!

Finished product!


Shot from the back.

Okay so it’s not technically “cool” but it’s not bad for a first try right? Right?! Haha! I’m still giddy from having made one. I think I’ll make one with side cut outs. 🙂

Music Mondays: Love Someone (Jason Mraz)

Another Jason Mraz song, this time from his latest album Yes! and because there’s only 3 days left before his concert here in Manila. Finally! I’ll be able to watch and listen to him live! Fan girl gushing here. 🙂

I’ve read through the comments on this video, someone said that s/he misses Mraz’s old songs like Geek in the Pink, Wordplay, etc. I miss those, too. But I don’t think Mraz really changed from then until now, he’s just no longer constrained to conform (see Wordplay lyrics).

He’s always been so positive and his songs, whether upbeat, perky, or slow, are all calming. Especially his latest album, which I think anyone can practice yoga to. He’s such an amazing person and artist if I am allowed to judge based on his music and the things he does on the side.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Music Monday as much as I did. 🙂